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GIJOE and CY GIRL Specialized Uniforms

We are a small home business that manufactures a variety of uniforms for 12" GiJoe and Cy Girl figures. We started our business May 2002 and have been growing ever since.

When we began, we only made uniforms to represent the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Toronto Police, Ottawa Police, and Military Police. This was primarily for GiJoe figures. As the demand increased, we introduced the same uniforms for Cy Girl.

Several months later, we introduced a division of Canada's Cops, Canada's Finest. Canada's Finest is our non-law enforcement based uniforms. This would include Canadian Forces and Air Forces.

September 2003, we introduced our newest line, Canada's Joe's.  Canada's Joe's has a wide variety of specialized uniforms. 

Currently, we are the only ones who manufacturer specialized Canadian uniforms for GiJoe and Cy Girl. 

All figures come equipped with corresponding accessories for the occupation they represent.  However; accessories are not available for all uniform sets. 

WE ACCEPT PERSONAL REQUESTS. However, to ensure accuracy and quality, we must have several photos to view all special requests.